Registered trade name of Botamedi Inc (also of Simply Healthy, LLC in the US) that represents wide scope of commercial grades of dietary phlorotannins.


SEAPOLYNOL®: Registered trade name of Botamedi Inc that represents a dietary ingredient with 90+% phlorotannins (rich in various eckols) extracted from Ecklonia cava . In 2008, US FDA authorized Botamedi's SEAPOLYNOL® (a.k.a.,SEANOL®-P) as a new dietary ingredient (NDI). In 2018, European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) reconfirmed its safety and EU authorized it as Novel Food Ingredient (NFI). Therefore, in the US and EU, SEAPOLYNOL® is only Ecklonia cava extract (or Ecklonia cava phlorotannins ) that is legally traded in the dietary supplement market.


SeanolĀ®-F is an well-known example of applying the new dietary ingredient SEAPOLYNOL® in a dietary supplement. A blend of 13% SEAPOLYNOL® (a.k.a SEANOL®-P) and 87% dextrin to promote efficient absorption of SEAPOLYNOL® through capsules or tablets.


Another name of SEAPOLYNOL®, a dietary ingredient with 90+% purity phlorotannins extracted from Ecklonia cava .


Polyphenols occuring only in brown algae with distinct oligomeric/polymeric structures only based on phloroglucinol (1,3,5-trihydroxybenzene).


These molecules were isolated and identified by chemists in the early 1980's to be unique polyphenols later called "eckols". Since late 1980's up to present, hundreds of health-supporting scientific evidences of eckols have been discovered.

Sea polyphenol(s), marine polyphenol(s)

Synonyms of phlorotannin(s)


A special group of phlorotannin molecules with one or more fused-ring (dibenzo-p-dioxin and/or benzofuran) structures that occur only in special species of brown algae including Ecklonia cava . They include eckols, dieckol, 6,6'-bieckol, 8,8'-bieckol, phlorofucofuroeckol-A and many other homologues that show extraordinary bioactivities.

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