About Us

We have been working on the chemistry, medicinal and molecular biological aspects of and its component eckols over 18 years in collaboration with many scientists in the US, Korea, Japan and European countries.

The creation of this site has been made possible by the collective efforts of numerous scientists, application engineers and SEANOL® consumers.

During the past decade, a plethora of valuable scientific evidences have been discovered demonstrating the potential applications of SEANOL® and its component phlorotannin molecules in diverse areas of health-care industry including, nutraceuticals, cosmetics, medicines and food.

The Seanol Science Center pursues a productive integration of scientific knowledge related with SEANOL® for the best benefits of the human and animal beings.

The life science of SEANOL® is an emerging scientific field that has great potential in benefiting humanity thanks to its extraordinary health effects together with its non-toxic nature.

We invite all of you living on the earth to the truly vibrant and thrilling science and application of SEANOL®.

We also welcome any scientific discussion or collaboration that will benefit humanity.


Hyeon-Cheol Shin, Ph.D. & Hye Jeong Hwang, Ph.D.

The Center for the Science of SEANOL®