Cellular Health

Cellular Stress

Our modern lifestyle characterized by overnutrition and lack of activity causes the immune system to be over-activated, leading to metabolic syndromes: obesity, elevated levels of blood cholesterol, blood glucose and blood pressure.

This pathogenic process is accelerated by the vicious cycle created by chronic inflammation, oxidative stress and circulatory dysfunction.

Such state which can be called "cellular stress" , unless properly released, destroys the normal metabolism and accelerates aging process, eventually manifesting various chronic and degenerative diseases.

In many clinical studies as well as in numerous daily applications by the people worldwide , Sea Polyphenol has been demonstrated to provide unprecedented benefits in various areas of health and beauty with a truly healing fashion.

Under various exogenous stressors such as excessive physical/mental work, wrong lifestyle, infection, aging, pollution, etc, the affected cells respond accordingly to maintain their normal function.

However, over the limit of cells' defensive capacity, cells are overpowered by the stressors, which condition is translated into "cellular stress" characterized by:

  • Depressed Intercelllar communication/logics
  • Depressed cellular function
  • Degeneration

The cellular stress is manifested as all kinds of unhealthy features of an individual that we recognize as illness, aging, lack of energy, unpleasant look, loss of quality of life, etc

Cellular Health

Based on numerous researches conducted by scientists around the world, the healing effects of SEANOL® and its componenet eckols are proposed to be the result of "cellular health" induced by the synergistic action of their pro-circulatory, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant activities.

"Cellular health" is characterized by

  • Active cellular function (intracellular health)
  • Active intercellular communication/logistics (intercellular health)

The cellular health is manifested as all kinds of healthy features of an individual that are recognized as overall health, youth and beauty.




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